Let Me Remind You Again, The Biggest Enemy We Have is Ourselves.

Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

Our mind is the center of all, the beginning and ending of all.

We live in our own standard that often when we reflect to other people is irrational. But we neglect the fact that we’re being irrational

“what the hell, don’t mind my business. I feel disappointed because of your expectation”

“You go with your business, I will do mind as I wish so please stay away. Don’t make me feel bad about myself”

The biggest enemy we have: the hardest to forgive

In the process, our own thoughts will give a rebuttal, a justification that make us feels bad again, a very emotional process that we have to went through to survive.

“But hey, the biggest project we have is ourselves.

So, if it’s not us who work on ourselves, who else?”



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