Here’s to Why We Should Cherish The Present

Suara Senar Nirwana ⑇
3 min readJul 26, 2022

I am currently missing lots of things. I miss my time living in Lund that happened almost 3 years ago. I miss the morning hustle in Dago before class that happened last time to me 2 years ago. I miss going on a picnic with my boyfriend that happened a month ago. I miss and miss lots of things right now and the sad thing is, I can’t go back in time.

Yes, indeed, many of the stuff that I am currently missing can or may happen again in the future however the vibes won’t be the same. My mind, my age, my thoughts, my carefree-ness, my recklessness, all about me has been changed be it improved or decreased, but the me today is not the same as who I was 3 years ago. Plus, I can never be a bachelor student again in Bandung in the same campus. My alma mater doesn’t allow that LOL.

Well anyway, looking into it further, I realize that everything has its time and place. One day, I might be missing the moment of going for work from cafe with my boyfriend like I do today. One day, the moment of going to work with my boyfriend while inhaling the morning breeze of Kemang will be a rare moment while it is my everyday today. One day, what we have today will be missed by no other but us too hence, live for today.

I realized that I had my time and I have my time for now. I realized that the moment for me living in Lund has passed and now I have to live in Kemang, Jakarta and enjoy it to the fullest. I realized that I had enjoyed the moment of me as a bachelor student, going reckless with my study yet managed to still graduate, and enjoyed a seemingly expensive drink of starbucks. I realized that it happened and let’s move on.

It is my time now to enjoy working for Koinpack, become a lover of my boyfriend, going back and forth Jakarta-Tasikmalaya every once a month, meeting my friends here and there, and one day, because one day, these days will be missed.

Well then you know, this writing is indeed a reflection from me to me. A part of me thinking out loud and giving myself a confirmation and validation that I have to live the present.

The future me might miss what I have today so I have to enjoy today to the fullest. The future me has its own timing, which is in the future, so let it comes when it comes. Although sometimes the today’s version is no much fun and happy as we used to be, but trust me, life is like a wheel. There will be moment when we’re up, and the moment when we’re down. Both are as necessary as each other to exist so that we cherish every moment we have.

It’s okay if today feels hard, hopefully it can shape a stronger us.
It’s okay if today feels empty, hopefully it can remind us to be grateful of being full.
It’s okay if today feels like a bad day, hopefully it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

Everything has its own timing.

So let it be.




Suara Senar Nirwana ⑇

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