For Me, Life is A Book

Suara Senar Nirwana ⑇
3 min readSep 23, 2022


So, as I have mentioned in many of my previous stories, I write a diary on a daily basis. Every day means a revelation of another page in my diary. Every day means another page filled with its own designated stories. Hence why to me, life is a book. Literally.

By understanding my life as a book, I have come to some realization, agreement, contentment, and understanding that I am going to share with everyone here in this very story.

First, you can never skip a chapter.

Life as a book, has so many chapters for us. In my case, there were chapters of college time, of graduation, of looking for jobs, of falling in love, of being depressed, and of so many other things. These chapters are aligned and planned to correlate with each other and that no single chapters can be skipped. In order to understand what happens next, we have to go through a chapter one by one accordingly. Each chapter has its own taste. We might feel happy, delightful, plain, or we might also feel sorrowful, tearful, and empty. Whatever feelings that are attached to each chapter is meant to be felt so we can understand each chapter comprehensively. We are meant to pass each chapter one by one not only because that’s how life goes, but also for us to understand us better.

Second, we are the main characters and others are the supporting characters.

Just like in any book, there will be many characters in it but among those character, one will be designated as the main character. In this book of life, the main character is us, one who can tell the story from our own perspective. As a main character we get to tell everything we feel, hear, see, and all related things to events happened from our perspective. On the other hand, we have people around us as the supporting character. And as the supporting characters, they are meant to come and go. A person may come into our life chapter to teach us a lesson, another person may come into our life as a long-life companion. However, no matter how long they exist in our life chapters, they will one day be gone, and we’re left with ourselves alone. This is important to understand that some people are indeed meant to exist in specific chapters of our life and some others meant to come in other chapters. And when we, as the main character die, that’s when our own story of life ends.

Third, just as each day is a page, let life reveal itself one by one.

When we read or write a book, we take time to flip each page one by one and understand what it’s saying in each page. Same goes for life. We need to take time to understand what each day has and let each day reveal one by one as we flip day by day. By understanding this, we get to know that everything that happens in our life, take some time to progress. At times when we feel desperate for knowing what life has for us, we have to remember that it takes time for the meaning to come. It takes time for us to understand the meaning behind a single event. It may not come today, perhaps not also tomorrow. But as we keep on flipping the page and read or write through each page, we will one day come to the page of understanding, where we will fully know the whys, the hows, and the whats behind an event.


With this understanding, I come to accept that we are the writer of our own story. Every decision we make means another step chosen to be written in each page of the story of life. Hence, write the story that we want to remember. We are the director of our own life. Choose wisely.



Suara Senar Nirwana ⑇

This is Anin’s public diary consist of her opinion, experience, and thoughts.